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Just a Normal Girl

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I'm hardly "just a normal girl".

I was raised a boy, I'm living as a girl, but I don't identify with either. I love to feel butch, I love to feel femme, sometimes I even do drag. My gender is always in flux from day to day and situation to situation. I am polygendered, pansexual and polyamorous -- I just can't sit still...

I'm trying to figure out what it means to be me.

Since I was little, I wanted to fit in with the other girls. But I know I will never fit in with the other girls. I was never a normal boy, I will never be a normal girl, I'm working on coming to terms with that.

It's not just about physical appearance, it's about history. My personal history is distinct from a straight girl, distinct from a lesbian, distinct from a gay boy, distinct from a straight boy. It is a history inseparable from my transgender status -- my masculine features and personality combined with more feminine features and personality. I'm an amalgamation of man and woman, male and female.


This is my story.

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